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ESI Tronic BOSCH KTS 200, KTS 340 Startcenter [2011.2-3] [Updated-2022]




With only three X-ray exams until "d day", I go through the money like water. I don't think we'll hit 50,000 points on day X-ray/1 of the TO's the math says 50,000. If we hit 50,000 on day X-ray/2 we will have hit 50,000 twice! I'm keeping my eyes on my left foot to see if it gives me any clues as to whether it is healing. With only 3 X-rays to go, I'm going to have a breakdown on this whole foot problem. 2-4-2011 Day X-ray/1 - foot isn't better, but no swelling/nodules. I'm hopeful this is it. I had a general foot pain/knot/lesion/etc. and it has been sore for a long time, but the day of the new 11.3 surgery, it just popped up all over my foot. Day X-ray/2 - foot is improving, but nodules are still there. It's a long process, I think. 4-4-2011 My foot looks good, but I'm still very nervous. Not enough to cancel the surgery, but enough to make me feel sad. 5-4-2011 Today is day X-ray/3. I had the first two pre-surgery with no issues and no swelling/nodules. I had a slight hitch in my right leg when I walked to the counter. 5-4-2011 - After surgery The doctor used the big instrument to "punch" the right foot into the plantar surface of the left foot, and it worked like a charm. He said my foot looked like a 5 or 6 month old foot. My right foot looks like a 5 year old foot. The left foot looked better than the right foot. It's hard to tell, though, because my right foot is so swollen. They took both x-rays again today. I still have two nodules, but the one on the right side of my right foot is smaller than the other. I'm pretty sure this is still healing. I'm more optimistic, but still not ready to give up. 7-5-2011 Today was my 2nd post-op visit. Dr. Otero said that the healing process should be finishing up soon



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