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... -D -s -a -x What do these options do? The -D option is used to specify the system type of the fan. Valid types include: H, P, C, V, I, CC, EC, and R. The H is for High performance, the P is for Performance, the C is for Compact, the V is for Variable, the I is for Integrated, the CC is for Cool, the EC is for Economy, and the R is for Round. Specify the system type of the fan. Configure the fan to be a relay. I will now describe the options of the -s (system type) and -a (system type) options. The type of fan that you select will be a close approximation to the system type of the machine it is attached to. The fan should be an appropriate heat removal device and should not be an engine cooling fan. The system type of the fan is either P (Performance), C (Compact), V (Variable), I (Integrated), CC (Cool), EC (Economy), or R (Round). The fan is represented by an upper case letter followed by a space followed by a series of lower case letters. 1.                                                                                            




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